The digitalization project carried out thanks to European funds from the Emilia-Romagna Region has enabled Hyper Fibers to implement a new series of smart and digital advancement technologies capable to provide further hyper performances to its products.

Specifically, the activity plan included the purchase of cutting-edge technology assets and machineries capable to improve production efficiency and in-line monitoring of product performances, thus quality. This investment was mainly towards the HYPER HFW and HYPER D models.

The project increased company digitization level ensuring check and consequent reduction of wastage as well as production time.

In summary, it enabled the company to successfully achieve the following objectives:

  • Optimization of production time and costs in order to increase productivity of the core business products;
  • Reducing waste through constant monitoring of raw material quantities
  • Ability to provide constant in-line monitoring and product performance checks during the manufacturing process, and not after the product is made
  • Industria 4.0 with integration between machineries.
  • Checking development and validating patents thanks to latest 3D printing technology
  • Opening new markets, with particular reference to the hyper strength and low elongation products

The digitization project included total investments of € 106.800,00, financed by a regional contribution of € 48.060,00.

From this investment we are expecting further growth in the coming years and exciting times ahead of us!