Our Products

Our range of products is 100% developed and produced in Italy.


Designed to cover the needs of our Italian and International Clients, Hyper Fibers products offer a wide range of technical textiles, using a variety of high performance yarns (PET, PVA, PP, glass fibres etc), to achieve more than 2000 kN/m ultimate tensile strength.

Our products are PVC-free and can be coated or uncoated. Different roll size and dimensions are available.


All the products are CE/UKCA and third party assessment such as British Board of Agrément (BBA) or German IVG can be provided on certain models and for specific civil engineering applications.


Long-term creep, installation damage, pull out resistance, weathering (including exposure to UV light), hydrolysis, microbiological degradation and resistance against acid and alkaline liquids etc are assessed routinely by independent international laboratories such as Kiwa, SZK, TRI Texas or SGI Georgia.

Hyper D

Reinforcement and drainage

Hyper HFW

Reinforcement geostrip

Hyper R

Reinforcement geogrid

Hyper RW

Reinforcement geogrid

Hyper G

Reinforcement and separation geogrid

Hyper P

Reinforcement geogrid

Hyper T

Geocomposite for reinforcement, separation, filtration and/or containment

Hyper TT/TA

Reinforcement geocomposite